Parallel trade in pharmaceuticals in the EU was worth approximately €4.3 billion in 2006.1 Parallel importers buy medicines under patent in Member States 


Parallel import in the European Union is the perfectly legal activity under Art. 28-30 EC of buying goods in a low-price country in order to ship and sell them in a high-price country. The pharmaceutical market in Europe is subject to the subsidiartiy principle of Art. 5 EC

Parallel imports, or ‘grey market’ goods, are genuine goods that are placed on the market by, or with the consent of, the rights holder but are imported for sale into a particular market without the rights holder’s consent. They are not counterfeit or 'black market' goods. - The parallel-imported product must be imported from an EU Member State or an EEA country and it must have a current, full marketing authorisation in that country. A PPA may be granted for parallel imported product from one or more source countries. The EU Commission’s position is that parallel imports increase price competition as the import of goods from a country with lower prices forces sellers in the country of destination to reduce prices. This is the fundamental principle underpinning the single market.

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This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Find out more on how we use cookies and how you can change your settings. I accept cookies. I refuse cookies. Ingrid Vandenborre, Nick Wolfe Parallel imports: An overview of EU and national case law 2 June 2015 This article has been nominated for the 2016 Antitrust Writing Awards. Scope. This Practice Note explains trade mark law on parallel trade.

We are all familiar with the types of IPRs and their increasing role in today’s globalizing sold the goods on any market within the EU he cannot lawfully oppose to their HPRA Guide to Parallel Imports of Human Medicines AUT-G0006-13 3/35 DEFINITIONS Parallel-importation The importation, from an EU Member State or an EEA country, of a medicinal product which is Parallel imports may increase consumer welfare, as imports of goods from a country with lower prices force sellers in the country of destination to reduce prices. Consequently, EU law protects and supports parallel imports as a tool for achieving and maintaining a single market. The issue of parallel imports affects various business sectors and In the case of supplies of medicinal products obtained from another EU country with the purpose of repacking for parallel import, the parallel importer can base the control on other systems if a control report from the exporting country cannot be obtained.

Jan 6, 2004 Table 4.2: Market value of pharmaceutical parallel imports (exports) and their share (%) of the total pharmaceutical market in selected EU 

Disse forhandlere påser, at der i hvert land holdes de fornødne lagre, foretages den fornødne reklame, ydes den fornødne service mv. Da prisen normalt sættes efter, hvad markedet kan bære, kan der forekomme Parallel imports. A High Court decision thought to be the most important judgment affecting commercial law so far this year was given on 18 May 1999 in the case of Zino Davidoff SA v A&G Imports Limited.. Mr Justice Laddie gave judgment in favour of the parallel importers, A&G Imports, after the brand owners, Davidoff, applied for summary judgment on the basis that A&G could have no defence to Consequently, EU law protects and supports parallel imports as a tool for achieving and maintaining a single market.

Since the failure of a Commission proposal on parallel imports in 1981, the EU institutions have not managed to come to any legislative agreement in this field. RELATED ACTS. Communication from the Commission of 6 May 1982 on parallel imports of proprietary medicinal products …

The importers are therefore able to sell the goods more cheaply than the trade mark holder intends. The system of preventing parallel imports is known as the exhaustion system. 5. Impact on parallel trade. Parallel traders can take the following proactive steps in light of the changes to the exhaustion regime for cross-border trade between the UK and the EEA: Keep a detailed inventory log of goods placed in the market by the IP rights holder or with his consent in the EU and the UK prior to IP Completion Day. Parallel Import Parallel import is the process of importing original pharmaceuticals marketed in EU countries, and then selling them in a different market within the EU at a lower price.

Titta igenom exempel på parallel device översättning i meningar, lyssna på position mark (Device of two parallel stripes on a shoe) — EU trade mark No 8 398  MedTech Europe, den europeiska branschföreningen för företag inom LIF Calls for Review of Parallel-import Clauses in Side Agreements  European Patients' Academy Toolbox. Tagg – Parallel-Import. Visar 1 resultat.
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Jun 21, 2018 The European Court of Justice today ruled on the conflict between patent law, parallel imports and the free movement of goods – especially in  Apr 22, 2020 string of European Commission (Commission) parallel trade cases, they would not import to Belgium, and making promotions conditional  Orifarm is a progressive European player in the healthcare business. Within parallel import, we are a member of the Affordable Medicines Europe and the  Jan 9, 2016 Both the volume of parallel imports and the number of parallel imported versions of each drug might thus increase in the destination countries,  If you wish to import and sell products from outside the EEA (in other words the EU plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) you must have permission from the  1.1 Definitions. The term 'parallel import' implies that a medicinal product, for which the Danish Medicines Agency has already granted a marketing authorisation,  over the extent to which parallel imports should be allowed. The European Free Trade Association.

De betekenis van parallel import, of grijze markt, is legale handel in producten via alternatieve verkoopkanalen waarbij gebruik wordt gemaakt van prijsverschillen tussen landen en de verkopers over het algemeen geen band hebben met de originele fabrikant van de goederen. Hoe werkt parallel import binnen de EU? The parallel distribution notice (“the PD notice”) is a document issued as a result of the Agency having conducted its check of the parallel distributor's initial notification and the Agency having confirmed that for the medicinal product distributed in parallel the conditions laid down in the EU legislation on medicinal products and in the marketing authorisation were observed at the time of issuance. Parallel imports are particularly common in the field of pharmaceuticals and medicines, due to the significant difference in pricing across the EU Member States.
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HPRA Guide to Parallel Imports of Human Medicines AUT-G0006-13 3/35 DEFINITIONS Parallel-importation The importation, from an EU Member State or an EEA country, of a medicinal product which is

12:00 AM - 25 Mar 2020.

the Association of European Lawyers (AEL), , the sale of a Swedish subsidiary in the business of parallel import

In the E.U. is in force the European Union exhaustion principle. Goods patented (or marked) traded for the first time  Parallel importing has existed on a small scale in Europe for many years and has been upheld by the European Court of Justice as consistent with standard  Jul 6, 2020 In recent years, customs authorities throughout the European Union have held different positions on this matter. The EU Anti-piracy Regulation  The parallel trade of medicinal products is based on the principle of the free movement of goods within the internal market of the EU (articles 28-30 of the EC   Parallel importers will need proactive regulatory planning under the EU FMD. Understand these complex requirements and see how we can help.

Dan mag u het daarna binnen de EER vrij verhandelen. A policy of international exhaustion states that such rights end upon first sale anywhere, and therefore permits parallel imports.